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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 26, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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brack friday, let the stampede begin. thousands flood the stores in a pre-o dawn blitz for bargains. will sales meet expectations and give the economy a boost? we're live in malls around the country help you navigate the mad rush. brink of war, north korea fires more artillery this morning and warns the u.s. and south korea planned military maneuvers this weekend could push the weekend closer to war. miracle at sea. three teen-aged boys presumed dead are saved after drifting in the pacific ocean for 50 days. we'll hear from a rescuer who will tell us their amazing
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survival story early this friday will tell us their amazing survival story early this friday morning, november 26th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs we got a lot of coverage of black friday today. you are looking at a live shot from a mall in braintree, massachusetts outside of boston. crowds don't look too bad, right. some of the smart shoppers that have gotten to the toys 'r' us in philadelphia, looked at their circulars, went o o o o online, know what they are shopping for doing that hit-and-run thing, hit the mall get what you need get to the next store, get to the next store. >> and get out. >> exactly right. wow, we've seen some pictures this morning. look at these parking lots. oh, lord. not my sport. but, we will have the full contact coverage of black friday for you here on the "early show" as we welcome you to friday morning the day after
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thanksgiving. >> as i left my building at 4:30 this morning there were people on the sidewalk. one guy says to me, do you know where best buy is? i look at my watch and look at my watch, unbelievable how material is on this morning. also ahead an exclusive interview an alabama man back in the states after serving 18 months in prison in australia for the death of his whif wile scuba diving on their honeymoon. this video was captured by a fellow tourist t. shows a lifeless tina watson lying on the ocean floor and her husband gabe watson facing charges and a trial in this country. we will be speaking exclusively about the case this morning with his attorney. we begin with black friday, the mad dash for discounts well under way as you have seen. our business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is at the coastline center mall in maples, florida with the latest. good morning. >> like you, i saw people walking out of the stores this morning early arms overflowing
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with shopping bags. for retailers the moment of truth and for shoppers the chance to snag toes des counts which started earlier than ever this year. >> good morning! >> doorbusters. >> reporter: after all the talk in the ads, black friday is well under way with these shopper ares joining an estimated 138 million that will hit the stores over this pivotal weekend. that's up 2% from last year. at wam mart, the deals started at the stroke of midnight. >> no, i've never gotten up on i normally like to avoid crowds but it was a really good deal. >> reporter: a few hours later stores like target, macy's, jcpenney opened their doors. >> look at the ads, seeing what's sale to get more for our monday. >> some didn't wait until black fray i did. for the first time in its history sears was open thanksgiving day. toys are us opened 10:00
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thursday night including 600 new pop-up stores that operate sewly during the holiday season for. retailers black friday and the fourth quarter mo more important than ever for chains like sears and best buy, that number is well over 50%. retailers hope they'll have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. there are reasons for optimism. a 2.3% increase in sales is predicted overall this year. a 16% jump in online sales is being forecast. and the government reported that in october, personal income grew. with that in mind, stores are stocking up, adding inven ter in the hopes that the gifts will fly out the door. retailers aren't taking any chances. they're using the internet to help make sure shoppers know how low they're willing to go. more than half will send an e-mail to customers and nearly 40% will use facebook. >> the mood around black friday, for the retailers is tempered. i think the mood around
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consumers given all the advertisements and e-mails they are getting is creating a greater sense of urgency. >> reporter: and that urgency is really paying off for retailers. 10.5% of shoppers say they've already completed half of their holiday shopping. mag geef. >> just half. you mentioned an expected increase in sales about 2%. how is that expected to affect the economy overall? >> reporter: this has major implications for the overall economy, mag geechlt remember, our consumer spending accounts for a major portion of the economy, about 70%. so, the more we spend, the better off, in some respects, the economy is t. also equates to jobs b. 600,000 temporary workers were hired for this holiday. the better the season goes, the more likely they are to take on that employment full time. >> rebecca jarvis at a mall in florida. get out while you still can. thank you. >> reporter: it's beautiful out there. >> joining us to tep out with what deals retailers are putting out on the shelves is the vice
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president of the national retail federation. scott, good morning. >> morning, harry. >> so, how are retailers money out of them this time around? >> well, consumers certainly don't suffer from a lack of what they've suffered from was a in the absence of jobs, the best cure for a lack of confidence are great discounts on wonderful merchandise. i think when retailers get out to the stores, in fact have been for several hours, they see amazing deals on everything from laptops to jewelrys, individual go games, and dvds and apparel, of course. there are no shortage of bargains for all the bargain hunters. >> there may not be a short of bargains but we've seen a lot of retailers said we'll keep our stock way, way down because we don't want that overhead to try to figure out how to get rid of it in january. is there enough to buy if you go learned their lessons from two
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years ago when they had too much invin tory and i think they will bring in the right balance. however that, means they don't want to be left with excess inventory for unthan planned markdowns that eat into profits. the advice to the consumer, if you see something you like, it's a great deal. pick it up now. once it's gone, basically, it's gone. >> where will we find the very best deals this holiday season, what kinds of products? >> well, no doubt electronics are huge, in terms of deals for the holiday season. we're seeing dlerz 100 blew ray players, $200 hd televisions. and no shortage of 50% off on video games. so, clearly, electronics are a good way to go. we've seen 80% off of jewelry. a lot of buy one get one free in terms of apparel 689 literally across the board on black fray day and cyber monday no shortage of deals. >> what about gift cards? year by year by year we find out surveys say they are the number one requested gift.
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just buy billions of dollars the growth in gift cards have just been amazing. >> there really have. this year we expect people to spend roughly $24 billion on gift cards, up slightly from last year. in the last couple of years people were shying away from gift cards looking for more sale merchandise. but as the economy is becoming less of a factor people are more willing to pay full price for the gift card. >> we thank you for your expertise this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks, harry. >> happy shopping. >> still ahead we'll ensure happy shopping helling you thousand equip your clf today before you head out so that you are as efficient as possible. right now we check with erica hill at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning. strong words for north korea this morning, warning the border dispute is bringing north and south korea to, quote, the brink of war as our correspondent reports new trouble near the disputed island north korea attacked earlier this week.
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>> reporter: distance shots put nerves on edge shown here a plume of smoke within the north boredrs. no shots landed on south korean territory near yeonpyeong island the site of the gun battle four days ago. however the attention the explosions have received highlights continuing tension on the korean pennisula. the top u.s. commander in south korea visited the ravaged island today and offered his support. >> it is clear to me by the [ inaudible ] received and what i've seen here physically north korea attacked this island. it is a clear violation of the arm stas agreement. >> reporter: naming a new defense minister as the government responds to criticism it was unprepared to fight back south korea's also rushing to boost its security. more troops have been stationed
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to yeonpyeong and there will be joint naval exercises sunday in the yellow sea featuring the aircraft carrier the "uss george washington" the message is clear. >> to prevent north korea from being tempted to make another prok indication against us. >> reporter: despite the displays of strength many island residents -- >> all you reporters. come here and live here in i don't think yeng, this man says. you will see the artillery falling and you will know whether this is a place one can live. these people caught in the crosshairs between north and south korea aren't willing to wait to see if the south security plans will grow. sa milestone day in afghanistan, u.s. troops have now been there exactly as long as the soviets were in the 1980s, nine years, 50 days. the soviet mission ended in
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failure. in india a parade and ceremony to mark the second anniversary of the deadly mumbai terror attacks. 166 people were killed when pakistani gunmen went on a rampage across the city. starsts included a train station and luxury hotel. for the second time this month, u.s. agents discovered a major tunnel used to smuggle drugs into california. the half-mile-long underground passage ran from tijuana, mexico to san diego's otay mesa area. agents found an undetermined amount of marijuana but you you may recall earlier this month authorities discovered a tunnel nearby. that tunnel had lighting, ventilation, even a rail system. they also found 20 tons of marijuana. one of the largest seizures in the country. two astronauts returned to earth after five months aboard the international space station. shannon walker and douglas wheellock landed safely along with a cosmonaut colleague.
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the action thanksgiving day of course on the field on also at your dining room table. in the first game, a comeback against dallas. the cowboys just missed a tying field goal. the saints beat the cowboys 30-27. up next, pats' lions, tom brady of new england threw four touchdown passes against detroit, all in the second half. the patriots came from behind to beat the lions, 45-24. in the night game, mark sanchez of the jets connecting for a third quarter touchdown against cincinnati. the new york jets beat the bengals 26-10. the jets and patriots are now tied with the best record in the nfl. dave price is off this morning so i have a check of the weather for you today. later today, scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue for much of the southeast. it will be another dry and pleasantly mild day in the southwest. scattered snow showers and gusty winds are expected to develop across the great lakes. the plains, though, will remain
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cool and dry in both the northeast and northwest, look for more scattered showers there you go. news, sports and weather. harry, now, back over to you. >> thanks, erica. >> to that miracle at sea. three teen-aged boys back on dry land this morning after spending almost two months floating adrift in the south pacific. cbs news correspondent whit johnson has their remarkable story. >> reporter: a navy vessel
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brought three teen-aged castaways to land today in the fiji islands after a harrowing adays lost at sea. the two 15-year-olds and one 14-year-old were gaunt and clearly weakened with one hooked to an iv helped to a waiting ambulance. they somehow survived living on a couple of coconuts, a few flying fish, rainwater and a seagull they caught and ate raw. the teenagers from the new zealand administered territory drifted nearly a thousand miles before being spotted by a tuna boat northeast of fiji. >> they were waving, it was very frantic. they were very weak, there were no massive jumps of joy. they definitely had a massive smile. >> reporter: the rescuers say they were severely sun burned emaciated and so dehydrated they resorted to drinking sea water, which could have been disastrous. >> their actual physical appearance was very disturbing
7:15 am
and heartbreaking they were just more or less -- >> reporter: the three were presumed dead after several unsuccessful searches by the new zealand air force. their families had already held a memorial service for them. now the tone-aged friends are recovering in a hospital in figi, happy to be alive. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. if i'm not mistaken, i was reading one of the accounts and said this boat, fishing boat was way out of its normal waters. so, the chances of them ever being found are so small. >> that's right. >> this boat just sort of happened to be in this odd place and there they were, really lucky. >> way outside the commercial shipping route. unbelievable they were found. >> good story. >> to london and warning from queen elizabeth this morning. she doesn't want the paparazzi hounding her grandson and soon-to-be bride kate middleton the way they did princess diana. charles, good morning. >> reporter: maggie, the royal family is looking in ways to take a tougher stance against
7:16 am
prying photographers, the queen seems determined to throw the full force of british law providing protection for prince william, kate middleton, and her family. when you are part of britain's royal family, parading in front of cameras, comes with the territory. but the queen wants to draw the line of what's public and private when it comes to her future in-laws. she's taken legal steps to provide protection from the paparazzi for prince william's fiancee, kate middleton and her family after pictures popped up showing the middletons learning how to shoot on the queen's private estate in scotland. prince william has already made clear he takes a zero tolerance approach to the paparazzi threatening to take both criminal and civil action against any photographer who steps over the line. he also personally promised his fiance's father he would protect kate from the media. >> what you can't do is sneak throughout bushes and take photographs of them when this reat private play. >> prince william blames the paparazzi chasing his mother,
7:17 am
princess diana, to her death in a paris cash crash more than 13 years ago and determined his future wife will not have to tolerate the same kind of harassment. back when kate was simply william's girlfriend in 2007, she made a formal complaint to britain's press complaint commission that she was the victim of harassment. but as one photographer put it, now it's open season. kate middleton, for that matter, her family, are fair game. now, just last week prince william's press secretary sent a letter to royal correspondents he reminding them even after the engagement the middleton family remains private individuals. maggie? >> thank you, charlie. still ahead a alabama man faces murder charges in the u.s. after his wife drowns on honeymoon in australia. >> a look back at tiger woods disastrous year to see if he can get the swing back, so to speak on the course and with the public. >> are you staying home because
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an unbelievable story a young couple an their honeymoon married 11 days, they go out scuba diving at husband allegedly kills her by cutting off her ox jn supply. you see her lifeless body at the ocean floor. he served some time in australia but now gabe watson faces prison here. ahead his attorney is talking about the case only on "the early show." we'll be right back with that exclusive. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. ey. - i'll be home soon. until then, i have my wingman helping me out. tommy? - i helped dad pick it out.
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jo the mall is open, everyone. welcome back to "the early show" this black friday. you are looking live at a picture of a mall outside boston this friday morning. black is still the color of the sky when many shoppers go out to take advantage of the predawn deals as they are doing today. >> so many times on these black fridays there are such a crush of crowds, some people say i'm never going to the mall today. if you knew it was like that, you'd be jumping in the car right now. >> if you are still at home and think i didn't do that, should have thought about that but still sitting at n my pajamas, it is too late to take advantage of these deals, it is not
7:31 am
because as reginaley wis will tell us, if you know certain tricks go, prepared, don't just say, let me see what i find but are strategic about you absolutely still have time to get great deals today and get out quick. >> there we go. remember what happened about a year ago right now tiger woods, his fall from grace? >> right, that was a year ago. >> sudden and dramatic. were was a year ago woods crashed his suv unleashing the shocking details of had is extramarital affairs. we're going to take a look back alt tiger's horrible year and see if perhaps he can regain his stature as the world's greatest golfer. >> we turn now to a shocking honeymoon death. sevenees ago a young bride died while scuba diving in australia with her husband. gabe watson did time in prison there and yesterday was extradited back to the u.s., where he is now facing a murder charge. before we speak exclusively with watson's attorney cbs news correspondents seth doane has the story. >> reporter: this chilling photograph taken by a fellow american honeymooner capture ad
7:32 am
lifeless tina watson, her arms raised toward the surface lying helpless on the ocean floor. >> blow the camera a kissy. >> reporter: seen packing for that fatal trip to australia in 2003, 26-year-old tina had only been married for 11 days when police allege her husband, gabe watson, killed her while on their honeymoon, to cash in on a small insurance policy. australian police demonstrate how they believe tina was killed. they say watson cut off tina's air supply giving her a bear hug then watched her sink to the o ocean floor. watson, a certified rescue diver told 16 of different versions of what happened during sbaergation. >> the fight against the occur rent is what allowed whatever thing that took place that caused had tore black out. >> reporter: in 2009 an australian court convicted him of manslaughter and he served and 18-month sentence.
7:33 am
it's a punishment tina's family says is not harsh enough. >> until he actually faces the evidence for the first time in a criminal trial before a jury, there can be no, no rest or no peace for anyone in our family. >> reporter: thursday, australian authorities returned watson to the u.s. under an agreement prosecutors here would not seek the death penalty. >> the theory is, because the plot, the scheme to hatch the murder took place in alabama, he should, also, stand trial for that in alabama in a way he did not stand try in australia. >> reporter: seth doane, cbs news, new york. >> joining us exclusively from birmingham, alabama is gabe watson's attorney, joseph baskie. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. i hope you had a happy thanksgiving yesterday. >> i did. thank you very much. i wanted to ask you, alabama authorities believe they have jurisdiction here even though this alleged crime took place in australia because your client probably hatched the idea in
7:34 am
alabama. how do you respond to that? >> well, there are a number of issues in this case that need to be handled pretrial. that is one of them. we dispute that. we have serious concerns about gabe's constitutional rights being violated in this situation. i haven't seen anything in the evidence that would warrant that allegation. >> why did he plead guilty, then, to manslaughter in australia? why did he he just not plead not guilty? >> maggie, you know, that's a good question. and i want the viewing public to understand that what gabe pled guilty it was be a obscure australian law which they are calling manslaughter but reads almost like a violation of the good samaritan law. he didn't do enough to save tina's life. the closest crime we have in bam in is called negligent hmm side which is actually a misdemeanor. when you have a client facing the possibility of life in prison on a murder charge versus
7:35 am
a misdemeanor with limited print time often you have to weigh the rifngs and rewards and go with the lower plea. >> well, that raises the question why didn't he do enough to save his wife's life? he is a certified rescue diver. >> well, you know, he took a class two years before this dive. it was a half-day class and got certified that way. he had never participated in a rescue dive before. he wasn't an expert rescuer. he had never done it. and he was scared, too. this was his -- his new wife. >> the attorney general in alabama says there is no international standard on double jeopardy that would prevent him for tripg your client on the death again in alabama. do you intend to argue otherwise? >> we will. we will certainly argue that this is double jeopardy. we will certainly argue grew that his rights to due process are being violated there. are a lot of constitutional concerns in this case. >> how will he plead in alabama, if it comes to that?
7:36 am
>> he will plead not guilty. >> are you concerned about the kind of trial that he might receive because the attorney general and victim's family have been so vocal about this case against your client? >> you know, i'm glad you that brought that up, maggie. in alabama, there's almost a code of silence amongst the prosecutor early to group in alabama. it's very unusual to see prosecutors speaking this openly and freely in the media. when you see that kind of exposure on their part, it calls into question what their actual moves are behind this whole thing. that certainly has had an impact on the public in alabama, and we're concerned about that and a lot of things that we've heard in the media are untrue. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, maggie. >> it is time
7:37 am
up next, it's been a nightmare year for the man once known as golf's greatest. we'll look back and talk about what's ahead for tiger woods, when we return. this is "the early show" on cbs. power deals for power santas. doorbusters start at 7am this saturday at sears. this rca thirty-two inch lcd is just two ninety-seven... plus, save three hundred on this frigidaire laundry pair. ...and sixty percent off all coats. be the santa you want to be. find your santa at another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack that's caused by a clot,
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can you believe, one year since the tiger woods sex scandal broke. cbs news national correspondent jeff glor look's back at the golfer's very rough last 12 months. >> yet again. >> reporter: for the man who spent 12 years as the best golfer in the world, it was the worst year of his life. >> what's your emergency. >> i have someone down in front
7:41 am
of my house. >> reporter: the unraveling began with a mystifying car crash november 27th, 2009, ploks from his o orlando poem. found in a daze, woods called the accident a private matter between him and his wife, elan, and refused to answer questions. soon enough that, private matter became very public. shattering his carefully constructed persona. a seemingly never-ending stream of mistresses came forward, some even leaking voice mail messages. >> hey, it's tiger. can you please take your name off your phone? my wife went through my home and may be calling you. >> reporter: in december woods announced he would take a hiatus from the game. during that break, several sponsors broke ties with him, costing him upwards of $30 milli million. >> i was unfaithful. i had affairs. i cheated. >> reporter: it wasn't until february 19th that woods broke his silence. >> i do plan to return to golf one day. >> reporter: his return came in
7:42 am
april at the master's. while he finished a strong fourth, the rest of the season was a struggle. >> oh, come on. >> reporter: finishing 68th in tour earnings, not winning a single tournament for the first time in his career, losing his world number one golf ranking. >> most important place for tiger is on the golf course right now. he's a determined man. he wantss to turn this thing around. he doesn't like being number two. >> reporter: off the course, woods vrs to elan became official in august. he says all of it has made him a changed man. in this op ed for "newsweek" life's most ordinary events can bring joy, giving my son charlie, a bath, for example, beats chipping another bucket of balls. the question now is, one year later, can he rewilling build his game, his personal life, and his public image? at the very least, it's hard to imagine 2011 getting any worse. jeff glor, cbs news, new york. and joining us is
7:43 am
connell barrett. editor at large for "golf" magazine. what we think he was doing last night? we know he didn't run a truck into a tree. >> we know with his mom and two children presumably having a very quiet thanksgiving. m safe to say he wasn't driving anywhere probably in bed playing tiger woods golf on his weih and staying nice and quiet. >> we've seen these public performancess for him the last year now writes this op ed piece, tweeting, talking about his lawful. he's talking an awful lot, i'm not sure we are hearing much but se talking a lot. is he successfully restoring his image. >> a good first attempt. tiger will never be able to restore the image he had. he could rebuild a new immajor one about redemption and humili humility. . i think tiger will only help
7:44 am
himself staying fan friendly and connected to the fans like he is trying to do. >> do you see that, actual evidence of that? there was one within the last month or two where he hit the ball and hit the guy in the head and goes over and signs the ball. he looks like he is at least attempting to connect with the crowd. >> right that. doesn't come naturally to tiger. on the golf course he's like a robot or a shark in the water. all he does is devour his enemies. he's in the used to paying attention to fans or worrying about them so he has to get in touch with humanity he's never had to do before but i think it will good for his image in the long run. >> we've seen glimpses in the last year of his game. but then, we also saw, you know, days and daysss where he looked below -- not even average but below average. can his game recover? >> well, he wrote in "newsweek" nim not the man i used to be. he's not the golfer he used to be. he's about to turn 35, about not 23 and the knees of a 60-year-old.
7:45 am
for the first time in this life in 2011 tiger will have doubt enter his mind like crip to night for golfers. it will be fascinating to watch 2011 play out. however, tiger was put on this earth to win golf tournaments. now that his phone will be quiet, not blowing up from cocktail waitresses or divorce lawyers he'll be able to focus entirely on golf. >> we shall say. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> we appreciate your insight. we'll be right back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs.
7:46 am
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the christmas morning rainmakers. we can make it a weekend of trading up, piling high, and saving even more. doors open bright and early. see you there. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of christmas morning. get a maytag washer or dryer for -- you ready for this? -- 249 bucks. that's $300 off the pair. not too bad but definitely getting more crowdeds the morning progresses. this is one of many malls people are hitting today this black friday. 138 million people expected to shop this weekend. a lot of people especially going for the toys, this is a toys 'r' us in philadelphia. let me get that out of the way. but, if you're thinking, uh, i don't know where to begin. i don't know where the best deals r. i don't know where to
7:49 am
go, i don't know what to do, well, there's an app for that. [ laughter ] >> perfect. >> there is, actually. you can go to, you can go to google and buy an app that will help you not only scan the item like in when you are? the store. >> you can scan and actually find the price. >> you can. or another app you can find the best prices locally in stores near you or on the internet. so many wonderful tips like that we have coming up for you this morning to show you how to navigate black friday. if you are not efficient today, it will not go well. >> you should look around for the bar code reader should be free. you shouldn't have to pay for. >> that it's free. >> spending enough money this weekend, right. >> hello. >> and saving, too. we'll show you how when we come back. just shake it. [ rattling ] [ male announcer ] need ink? staples has a low price guarantee on all the ink you need. find a lower price at another store, and we'll match it. that was easy.
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we've got a great crowd on the plaza today. so many people from all over the country coming in to the thanksgiving weekend. so great to see them all out here today. welcome back to "the early show" i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. if you haven't headed to the mall yet, for your black friday shopping, we've got helpful tips putting together a strategic plan for today. see, some of these malgs we've been showing, naples. >> are not so bad. >> doesn't look so bad. >> some of the parking lots, not so good. >> different story. >> exactly right. >> are you all headed shopping
8:01 am
after this? [ cheering ] >> going to shop? >> so you'll want to stay tuned. this woman is like, no way. >> no way. >> maybe we can persuade her with the tips ahead this morning. also, you've gotten through thanksgiving, things didn't go as smoothly as you hoped, maybe feeling down because it's over and christmas is almost over and then the year's almost over and you're just feeling down? we'll show you how to manage your expectations for everything from holiday gatherings to gifts to the new year and help you avoid being disappointed. >> first, though, erical hill with the latest check on the headlines. good morning, erica. >> good morning. time to put away the turkey, get out your wallet as hag gee mentioned, black friday began very early this morning for some, for others it actually began before the turkey was cold yesterday. millions of americans going to stores, hitting malls for the best deals. retailers predict shoppers will buy more than they did last year. you can see the live pictures there of the mall parking lo, cbs news business and economics
8:02 am
correspondent rebecca jarvis joins us from naples florida. becky, we looking at a live shot from a mall in chicago, this seemed a large cluster of cars around the best buy and the target, not as much around the department stores. what are people really after on this black friday? >> reporter: well, it's an interesting point, erica, this black friday, the anticipation and what analysts expect people will buy mostly are the smartphones, flat-screen tvs, electronics is the big item this year. so are gift cards, though. gift cards you can buy for any store. i can say if a fact i've been here since very early this morning. and there is not a best buy in this mall. however, there are tons of cars in this mall. i did, however, yesterday, see people literally lining up outside a best buy near here with their campers, their tents, sitting outside ready for the deal. >> that is dedication. it is great news, of course, for retailers. when we look at black friday, we've also said this is thes aboutest shopping day of the year. what's the impact going to be on retailers, on the economy after
8:03 am
today's over? >> it's a significant impact, erica. if you think about it, about 600,000 temporary ploy he yees were hired for the holiday season. those jobs have the potential to become full time the better off this season goes. so, the more people who go out and spend, of course, we as americans are a major driver of the economy, our spending kdz for about 70% of economic growth, so the more we spend, the more likely there is to have more jobs in the future and particularly those temporary jobs, they could become full time and that's significant for the economy, as well. >> that would be good news for so many folks. i metioned a lot of times this is referred to as the busiest shopping day of the year although a lot of folks say it is being replaced by cyber monday, a lot of online deals out there, as well. people are still going to the stores, you don't have to do one or the other. >> you don't have to do one or the other. we are seeing both increase this year, online shopping is supposed to be up 16% and a lot people, if have an e-mail account you've probably already received e-mails from your
8:04 am
favorite retailrs letting you know what kind of sales are out there and facebook and twitter, retailers are hitting you from all angles amounting to bigger sales online, as well. >> we love a good deal. i've got to know, what about the people there, milling around behind you does, anybody look tired? >> it's amazing what a good deal will do to your spirits. seems they lift up and early on this morning, you saw people lining up, they were ready to go. they were raring to go. what's important, though, not just the people walking around showing up early but the fact they are leaving with bigging abouts of goods and a lot of them are, a lot of them are buying big-ticket items and leaving with arms full of shopping bags. >> i'll be sending you my list so keep your blackberry handy. >> thanks, erica, you got it. >> rebecca jarvis in florida this morning. turning our attention tore north korea big guns blazing again this morning as the government blamed the u.s. and south korea for bringing this week's crisis, quote, to the brink of war. some people on the island shelled by the north tuesday could see smoke from a tell ree
8:05 am
fire. officials say it was apparently an north korean military exercise not aimed at the island. also today, south ker yeah's president is paying his respects to the two marines killed in tuesday's attack. president lee myung-bak meant with family members of the dead. the top u.s. general in south korea went to yeonpyeong item this morning to see the damage for himself commanding nearly 30,000 american troops in south korea. he says north korea is breaking the agreement that halted the korean war 57 years ago. >> it is a clear violation of the arm stas agreement. . we in the unsz command will investigate this completely and call on north korea to stop any future attacks. >> the government says military maneuvers are making the situation worse. the families of three teenagers lost at sea in the south pacific for 50 days say their rescue is a miracle. the boys were found by a fishing boat wednesday 800 miles from their home. this morning, they arrived in
8:06 am
fiji, actually able to walk to an ambulance even though he had hadn't eaten very much for a very long time. >> they were surviving on rain water, sea water, bird mate, and -- >> that included a seagull. the area where the boys were found is an isolated part of the pacific. the boat that found them said they are never really in that area so talk about luck. commercial ships rarely pass by. checking today's weather for you, dave price is offer so here you go. later today, showers will be developing over the northwest. however the southwest will remain warm and dry. it will be another soggy one for much of the east coast with scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up throughout the day. gusty winds and scattered snow showers will be developing across the great lakes. so, there's your
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by macy's! >> seven minutes past the hour your latest weather. harry. >> thank you. up next the spending frenzy has begun but is not too late for you to still find a great black friday sale. we'll tell you how to do it, when we come back. she felt lost...
8:08 am
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if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. [ cheering ] >> welcome back to "the early show." 8:10 this friday morning. no, it is absolutely not too late to go out and find a great
8:11 am
black friday deal and steal. here with tips how to navigate the crowds today and get what you want, aol consumer advicer regina lewis. good morning. we saw the malls fill up early this morning and watching more and more people arrive. 138 million people will be in the malls this year. >> big number. >> up, right, from last year from 134 million. >> it is, four million more people, which to put inin perspective is 48.5% of consumers. i think, maggie, every time we roll the tape of people standing in line the wisdom of crowd mentality kicks in line that, many people can't be wrong. the whole day is the idea to create a sense of ugency, and you know what, it works. >> at lof people think that is four million more headaches and i'm not going anywhere near there. i think the key is you have to be strategic when you go out today so it won't be a headache. >> a little advanced works goes a long way. you will see advanced copies of their circulars to compare prices.
8:12 am
a day a lot of driving is involved. people head to outlets and malls and these places aren't always close together. prioritize by price. make your first stop wherever you go for the big-ticket items, the highest risk of sell out and use tools like mapquest where you can put this 25 different stops and optimizing the out for you. so, really down to knowing are we going to turn left or right, you can have it all mapped out. >> you research everything ahead of time, exactly how much everything is going to cost when you get there. then you go out with your list. now, how do i know i'm getting the best deal when i get to the store? how do i know this is the best price for this item. >> this is where apps come in an app called redlaser you take a real-time scan of the bar code on any item and tell you instantly is it cheaper down the street or on the internet. you can type in the universal product code, the nine-digit
8:13 am
number above the familiar bar code and run a search on your smartphone, really coming into play. a lot of people are using them to show, hey, i've got the coupon, here's the code. keep in mind you have a tool in your pocket. >> so many people are focused on buying gifts they miss other great deals. >> things for yourself. practical items so outerwear if you need a coat for yourself or a vest, something for the kids, a really good time. appliances also deeply discounted. watch for that. it is a time not just about gifts but there's a lot of practical items that may have been on your list a while you won't see at better prices than now sgr a great tip a lot of people haven't thought about. i know a lot of people do this and i've been guilty of it, look at this clock,s it see it on sale i'll bird's-eye view five and give it to everybody then you give them a gift they don't want. what is your advice. >> about 10% of all items are returned. you're not alone. there is a neat trick of taking the gift receipt and stapling it to the bag or literally taping it on the box what department
8:14 am
stores do when he he they sticker items when you leave. use a credit card and look at that return policy window. one thing about buying in bulk like that, buying early, by the time you give the gift you could be outside of that 30-day window in which case the return is not going to be practical. that's the one thing about shopping early, especially on electronics where that window tends to be 15 days. >> exactly. what do you say to people despite everything we said will say, you know, i'm going sit out today. >> absolutely, i think it is the pack mentality, the sense of urgency, of course coming up on cyber monday. several more sales cycles but people have today off and are out there, of course doing window shopping, as well. but it's not game over. this is just the beginning, just a very loud and very hyped beginning. >> as we were talking about earlier with rebecca jarvis, cyber monday is just as great, as far as deals are concerned. >> yeah. the deals are comparable. there will be some web-exclusive deals so sometimes they are exactly the same as in the store or sometimes online exclusive
8:15 am
deals and ul see a lot of free shipping monday. if people come into monday with pent-up demand not only shopping this weekend but window shopping. monday they get down to business and start buying. >> are they going to find an adequate supply by monday online or will people buy everything there is in stores today. >> online they have the ability to restock and ship it from one warehouse as opposed to the step which stores have it and which don't. by the way, before you get in the car especially later today, wondering if we get there will it sell out? go to sites that are tracking that and can save the trip. >> awesome stuff. thank you so much. up next from gifts to gatherings expectations can run high this time of year. we'll talk about how to avoid disappointment and stay upbeat this holiday season. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. this new jetta is awesome.
8:16 am
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and for huge value, try bounty huge roll.
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expectations can run high during the holiday season and when the reality of gifts or family gatherings fall short, it can set up some feelings of holiday blues. psychiatrist janet taylor is here with ways to manage those great expectations. good morning. >> good morning. >> it really is all about that, isn't it? >> it is. i mean, we all love the holidays, the optimism, a new year is coming but on the other hand have to be really realistic about our own circumstances and teach our children, ourselves, what to expect. >> yeah. how, then, do you go about sort of embracing the magic but still
8:19 am
have your feet planted in reality? >> so, i mean, you certainly want to believe but have to look at your circumstances, your economic circumstances and teach your kids about other alternatives other than just giving during the holiday season. it's also about receiving and creating values and reinforcing your values for free. >> i think sometimes, you know, you feel you are under all this economic pressure and let go of -- you et go of the things that maybe you really ought to be oonz hanging on to, not the material stuff but the other stuff. >> exactly about creating meaning and memories. that's about time spent, about the experience, about sharing your own best holidays were like and really listening to yourself and your family. >> you know that he storytelling that happens around the dinnertable and, you know, what happened when you were a little kid and your kids sometimes -- teenagers are like this but they hear every word. >> they do. i mean, it's about tradition and ritual and the fact that as older parents or your grandparents, really about the keepr of the meaning and sharing
8:20 am
stories is free. and kids are always listening. >> love it one of the other things in terms of the reality part of this is, as you're head nothing like right now look at all toes people running around in the shopping mall you need to know, you need to set a budget and need to know what you will spend right now before you go out. >> there absolutely. especially with kids feeling a lot of pressure and marketed to, they can do well with a quantifiable amount. if you sti your kids, listen, this year for hanukkah or christmas, whatever you celebrate we'll get one or two or three things, let's talk about what's most important write down a list so kids don't think they can write ten things and get them all. >> and be crushed christmas day when it doesn't come true. >> exactly. >> one other thing you suggest i like a lot, perform a good deed. >> when we give to other people and do good not only we teach our families but helping other people, so volunteering your time donating what you have is so important. not only can we use holiday time to do that but any time.
8:21 am
>> one of the other things i find so interesting is you know, you want people to behave as well as humanly possible and, of course, they don't and they won't. so, you suggest to anticipate conflict. >> there's always drama at some point, you know, maybe an uncle who drinks a little too much or some people love their parents, love their mothers but can't spend five days, three days. know that and think about it. it really is all about apt mizing your time and certainly you want to enjoy it but it's okay to say, this year instead of five days i'll say three or maybe mix a little water with uncle sam's gin or something. but anticipate the drama and prepare yourself. >> right. this one is interesting to me, the idea of trying something different. like? >> well, you know, sometimes if, you know, if you go to someone's house and it's really uncomfortable, invite them to yours or maybe in some cases your physical presence may not be needed. send a video.
8:22 am
do something video. go christmas caroling. >> mix it up a little bit. >> mix it up a little bit, be willing to do that. >> especially if there is a no-fault written in, we're going to do this thing, if it doesn't work, we don't have to do it again. >> change is always good, no vetly is good. >> i like when all is said and done and all the pressure and everything don't be afraid to ask for help. >> absolutely. especially unfortunately the women take on the burden and at the end totally burned out and stressed out. when people offer to help, let them help. we can relegate some control and have a good time. >> you have to relen kwish kroefl. >> absolutely. >> that's it. >> exactly. >> dr. janet taylor have great holidays. >> you, too. >> thanks for being here. for more on managing holiday expectations all you have to do is go to our website still ahead, if you can't afford to make it to radio city music hall in the next month or so, don't worry. we're bringing the legendary
8:23 am
rocketettes right to you in a very special performance live in our studio here on "the early show." 
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ background music ] [ cheering ] >> bravo. what a treat the world famous rock yooets from radio city music hall will be back in a help us really "kick off" the holiday season this morning. >> ohh. >> have you been to the christmas spectacular. >> the best. >> amazing. spaernl you if have kids, as you guys know, take your children. because they are just in awe.
8:31 am
>> you took weston? >> went last year and going again this year. >> i think we're going to do it. danielle is 5 now. i think she's ready. >> really fun fun to watch their expressions. >> lucky for you you don't have to go but can see them here this morning. >> we have coming up. also they can be messy, loud, they drive parents crazy. >> not the rock yooets. >> parents love the rockettes. some of the toys their kids want for the holidays. of course the ones they have to have. >> exactly. >> we'll look at hottest, most annoying toys of the season, kids for you, mom and dad just leave the room. >> can we do a quick shout out big college football game on cbs later today? alabama-auburn. we've got war eagle fan right there. >> waaaarrrr eagle. i have to say it that way. >> as big a game as there is. >> huge. there you go, ma'am [ inaudible ] >> you're welcome. >> up to your guy sardz in leftovers, right. >> ooh. >> we have really innovative
8:32 am
recipes for, dinners with an international flare using traditional thanksgiving ingredients talking about vegetable mamosas, chutney using leftover mashed potatoes. >> that's different. >> it is. >> before we get to that dave is already working with his leftovers this morning so i'll give you a final check of the weather. checking did's weather on this friday, plains will remain cool and dry. expect scattered showers and thunderstorms to continue in the northeast and southeast. meantime scattered showers and gusty winds developing over the great lakes. the southwest looking to enjoy another beautiful day. in the northwest, though, more showers are likely. so,
8:33 am
>> there you have it. maggie? >> thank you. parents, 'tis the season to shop for trois. most are great, even educational some, will drive you crazy. here with some of the hottest toys and tips how to stay calm while chaos reining, parenting expert shannon eis. good morning, shannon. >> good morning. these are toys when someone gives them to your kid the kid is like, yes, thank you. the parent is shooting the gift-giver, the evil eye saying thank as lot. >> sometimes they don't know what they've gotten into before they open it. what is magical about all of these children love them. we know as parents sometimes we have to find a moment of peace to let that go. >> what we need to do know
8:34 am
exactly what to expect with these toys that's what we'll do this morning. if your child receives moon dough here's what you can expect. >> mon dough is an alternative sort of building compound. what's great about it, it never dries out. you can keep it basically forever. you can feel. >> unlike playdough, which stuck to your carpet. >> which does. you can feel it's a very cold, carmely texture what kids love. we've molded and rooster and cranks it all human powered. >> this is good with kids helps them work with their hands. >> yes, creative play and we love it. >> but, here comes the but. >> it's not great on carpet. i wouldn't use it anywhere near a carpet. and just making sure you have a clean space, anything with crevices and cracks, very difficult to get out of. >> what happened to your carpet with moon dough. >> we had a little issue the vacuum didn't quite solve it so we have a new carpet. but, anyway, kids love it.
8:35 am
>> they do love it. >> one of those parent moments. >> i know kids love this because he they had a birthday party in central park for one of my daughter's classmates and brought spin art. i thought what a great idea to do in the park outside your home. >> preferably with smocks. the great thing about crayola, their whole philosophy a messy, creative play is the way to go. they are good about giving tips thousand use it. a great human-powered toy. >> it is. >> you drop the paint on the disk and press it to spin. it looks pretty simple. we are not going to get hyper speed here. >> we're not? >> as you really go and press it, it can create a huge mess paint sort of everywhere. >> kids are like, yes! >> again kids love it and parents are like, my gosh. >> the key? smock. >> and they recommend a tarp, as well. the paint washes out but creates a mess. >> some bath toys can get messy, as well but what do kids love about bath toys.
8:36 am
>> i don't think we can get through them without them. i got in the shower this morning and was greeted by a mural from my daughter. we have bath paints and water-color paints. really creative play but can create a big mess for parents. if you can teach the children wipe up, clean up at the end of the day, at the end of the bath is really good. but great play, great category of play for kids. but again, it will be an eyesore sometimes. >> these we have and they're not so bad. what we've done what you recommend incorporated into the bath time since the water is running anyway you take a towel and wipe off. >> how fun clean-up can be. >> if you can convince them to believe that. >> noisy toys. >> yes. >> what is this? >> this is from detac, called the learning bug. you turn it on and the noise starts immediately. and it's got all these different parts kids pop out and back in. a lot of reviews are -- >> annoying -- >> it turns itself on accidentally with a very easy
8:37 am
switch and kids don't quite understand the mechanism. >> ahhh. >> i know. >> we're competing here but you can see as a paint this is some of that music to parents like ahh. >> here's the thing. i go to the store and try the toy and think it bothers me a little but not bad. think if it bothers you a little in the store but think by the time you hear it a,000 times at home you are ready -- >> a huge parent saver in the store, right, you can push the button and hear the audio feature it has and gives you a hint. >> but picture it going on and on sgh you have to replay it over and over. >> i can see my nieces really wanting this justin bieber doll. >> he sings, he sings a lot. he's got every doll. i'm trying to find his singing motion. but, every doll has -- [ background music ] >> that's cute. >> it's cute the first time. and then he keeps singing.
8:38 am
every doll has a different outfit and song so there's no like collectible clothing which can be annoying for parents because you have to buy a new doll for a new outfit. >> that's not right. >> but a collector's doll for an older age and the girls will love it. next year his tour bus. >> but it's loud. >> a little loud. >> and this, is too. what is that? >> such an interesting week for the tsa, we couldn't resist showing this. >> a metal -- >> imagine a holiday -- >> oh, no, no, no, turn that off. >> basically go along any metal part of your body and it will detect it. kids have a field day. >> it is an actual metal detector. >> with volume control which kids don't quite understand. >> this is one maybe you buy and hide. >> this is one will make you cringe you look at your antique chinese vase and go o ahh hd. >> little kids, grit outdoor play this is their indoor play, indoor hockey and baseball. it's plastic bats and balls.
8:39 am
and a lot of fun. obviously, designed to be sort of chaperoned with a parent but ultimately you have a fast-firing ball -- >> in the house. lastly a lot of toys like this one don't really have any educational value, frankly. they are entertaining. they don't really teach your kids much. >> we sometimes call these watch-me toys, the toy is having all the fun and the kids don't know how to engage. to get this girl singing, we did a song but what happened is a very passive experience for a child. if you will get this for your child encourage them to interact. >> mimic behavior. >> but make sure you are balancing, products for your child can engage with, as well. >> okay. dora -- thank you. >> i'll turn her off. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> erica. >> from the we did it dance to something a bit more engaging perhaps their long legs and
8:40 am
precise kicks known around the world and throughout the holiday season the radio city rockettes perform more than 200 christmas spectacular shows for more than a million people here in new york city but lucky for you they are here with us today. 12 of the rockettes have joined us to perform "happy holidays." [ background music ] brufkdz [ background music ]
8:41 am
>> what a perfect way to kick off the holiday season. good to have you with us along with all of you ladies this morning. this is your seventh season as a rockette. >> my seventh season. >> not an easy job. still a bit out of breath. i would be even more out of breath. every year tell me if i have this right four to five hundred women audition for this and you have to audition every year. >> you have to audition every year and be at least 18 years of age in tap and ballet at least 5'10e" or 5" 6.5".
8:42 am
>> there is an optical illusion. >> this is grueling schedule. i don't know if people realize you do sometimes typically four sometimes as many as six shows a day. do you get a day off during the holiday season. >> we get one day off a week. luckily our was thank giving. >> perfect. >> got to eat a lot of turkey. >> can you eat turkey. >> anything we want that's the but tee of it. >> on your day off do you just sleep. >> i did yesterday. >> what's the best part about being a rockette. >> the com rod dee between the women and seeing the little kids. >> their faces light up especially seeing a lot of saentss. harry smith apparently wanted to learn the dance. >> oh. >> but little worried so i'm going to do the dance. you are actually going to teach me some moves. i tried this last year. i was super pregnant. >> a few snifst moves we'll start with the rockette bubble, a toe to toe stance. >> and we'll link up already. when we are dancing we actually
8:43 am
don't touch each other. i'll let you feel the fabric today. >> velvet. >> we are doing strut kicks first. >> okay. >> step on your right foot and up to passe, toe to knee, straight, back in and down. retractible kick. the other side. kick and down. strut and down. you've got that. moving on. >> okay. all right. >> she's good. so, you are going to step on the right, step. kick. step, kick. do what we call ball change so step, step, kick now one more kick. reverse it, step, kick. step, kick, ball change kick. now, two bubbles here. we do up to 200 kicks in a show but since it is early we'll just do about ten here. >> that's all. >> yeah. >> here we go. >> let's step up so the girls don't kick us. >> should we get the music going. >> you want music. >> maybe will help me with coordination. >> all right. let's have some music. >> all right.
8:44 am
[ background music ] >> ready on five, six, seven eight. step trut, ball-change, strut. you've got it. come on i have you. >> good thing i was holding onto you. >> three more. two, three. step out on that a little ball change bobble arm. >> the arm i can do, i think. wow! >> when everybody is finished with black friday shopping they can head over to radio city, tickets are still available thanksgiving weekend. >> and shows run through december 30th. if you haven't seen it is such a fantastic show. >> thank you. >> all amazing i'm in awe of your talent and stamina. >> thank you. >> and with little kids there is nothing like taking them. >> something for everyone, especially little kids. >> thank you for getting up early. for more information to see them perform just log onto our website. harry. >> erica hill, new-found respect. very impressed. most of cuss make a turkey sandwich from leftovers right? but we're taking yesterday's
8:45 am
goodies, bringing them to a whole different level. allison fishman contributor to "cooking light" magazine with some inspired ideas. you are going to love this segment. how are you, did you have a good holiday. >> wonderful holiday. >> terrific. all right, so, there's a kind of standard leftover ingredients right here you are going to change our lives forever, right? >> i'm going to try. >> absolutely. this is a standard plate every has the mashed, turkey, green bean, cranberry? what will we do? today, you'll make a sandwich. >> you're right normally you would have the sandwich, da-da-da. but you want to tell us something different. >> we want to go further. i have a few internationally inspired ideas. >> very nice. >> this is a is samosa, you'll make with leftover mashed potatoes, carrot, peas your mashed potatoes then here is a chutney you can make. >> wow. >> this is mint, cilantro, garlic, ginger, jalapeno, lime,
8:46 am
water. you put it in a food processor. >> that's what it comes out like is it. >> it is. this can be for on top or as you have right here. >> actually on the sandwich. >> drew: made this like a philo dough. >> yes, we wrap it up. >> the turkey is in there. >> the mashed potato. >> the mashed potato is in there, ahh. and some of that in there, or what? >> i'll put it right on top. >> there we go. thank you. >> here were goimplsts that's going to taste good. >> that does taste good. very flavorful right. >> the minutes, everything. so good, great idea. now what's next? >> moving on this is a mexican-inspired stew. can you recognize any ingredient in there? >> i see the turkey. >> that is your turkey. can i dish you up some? >> yeah, please. >> inspired by a posole, a el celebration stew with chilis and hominy. look at the color of that broth. >> gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. >> to top it of scallions got a
8:47 am
little radish. >> right. >> you want to put the queso on there? >> what is this? a cheese. >> a queso fresco. >> how would you describe it? >> just crumble it. >> described like a feta? >> you can see it's got that texture of feta, but a very mild crumbly cheese, it doesn't have that assertive flavor then of course wamplts is this. >> papitas, little pumpkin seeds for nice crunch. >> all right, dude. i need a more serious spoon, i'm sorry. ooh, they're so good. so good. >> yummy. >> wow. wow. leftover segment. bring it up a little bit. what have you got here? >> i have to tell you, this is my personal favorite, something you wouldn't think. you have cranberry, what does it do? usually goes on your sandwich. we'll turn it into a cocktail. >> there's a thought. how do you do has? >> you have leftover cranberries, simple syrup with
8:48 am
water and sugar, pour it over the cranberries and pore vodka on top and let it steep for four days. >> four days. >> this is our spin on the kir. >> okay. >> you'll top it with a little -- oh, hey now. i like where you are going with this. we'll top it with a bit of this percecco, bubbly, sparkling wine. if you want you could pop a few cranberries on the bottom. >> that would be nice. >> this would be great to bottle up and give for holiday. >> a great hostess gift, right? >> yeah. how beautiful. >> ooh! whew. wow. >> it was a lot of vodka. a lot of vodka this early in the morning. >> yeah, yeah. what is this here? >> this is our last idea. this is greek inspired this is bulgar and leftover greenbeans. we'll put that in and then her's your feta, as discussed, of course a more assertive flavor. and o vivs, you want to jump in
8:49 am
with me? >> what is this? >> mint. >> mint again. >> and parsley. >> and onions, sorry. go with -- there, you go. >> zest. >> lemon zest. >> now you actually have a greek sal lid. >> bingo, a little more lemon juice and oil. >> all right, dude. >> are you ready to taste this guy. >> i do. i do. i am. >> you're going right in there. so today, have your turkey sandwich but when you are ready for more inspiration, here's global ideas. >> you did it. you knocked it out of the park. thank you so much. >> pleasure. >> really appreciate it. >> no these recipes all you have to do is go to our website really good. going back to the soup. we'll be right back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs.
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what's better on a rainy day like that than a chair and a blanket. >> all we need is a cocktail. >> that would be nice, wouldn't it. >> wish we had a cocktail. >> hello, harry. >> harry. >> thank you. >> this is a pretty delicious chair. >> you know what it reminds me of? i was telling my mother-in o-law as a kid we had these sleeping bags with snaps, a blanket, sleeping bag and bath robe. you could reconsidering them. >> oh. >> thank you. >> i have a few concerns. it's hot. it gets hot. and i'm only 5'2" and my feet are at the bottom. how would a tall person sit in here? anyway, for right nows it see it spectacular. what's coming up tomorrow, saturday. >> tomorrow, great tips how to find the best deals on cyber monday. for all you tech-heads, the best tech toys at the best price. >> cheers. >> look at that.
8:53 am
>> you guys look pretty comfy. >> salute. have a great day, everybody. happy shopping. >> enjoy your
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